Friday, July 01, 2011

PLATOON’s 25th anniversary (Blu-ray + DVD)

Before he was "WINNING", before such classics like Men At Work and Hot Shots, Charle Sheen starred as a lead in the moving Vietnam War flick known as Platoon. This was one of Oliver Stone's masterpieces, and 25 years later it still stands the tests of time. Very disturbing and realistic, Platoon highlights the fact that "the first casualty of was is innocence". MGM Home Entertainment has released a special 25th anniversary edition of this film on Blu-ray + DVD combo pack. If I were to recommend the top video sets of the year, this would be one of the top ones. The remastered video and audio on the Blu-ray version really show the film like never before. It's a movie that will stick with you for days after watching, and make you thankful if you never had to go through a hellish experience like this.