Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Batman vs. Joker Throwdown Game by Funko

If you're starting to get hit with the post-Summer blues (or if you are still THAT bothered by Ben Affleck getting the role of Batman for the next Superman film), I want to mention something that may be just what you need. The fine folks at Funko have come up with a board game pitting Batman and Joker against each other in Throwdown! This game comes in a sweet looking case of the Caped Crusader (see above), and includes 2.5" vinyl Batman and Joker figures (very cool!), along with the board and cards to play the game. Being a person who appreciates a good board game smackdown, and also a huge Batman fan, this is the kind of game to bring out on a rainy day (or any day!) for a fun challenge! Thanks again to Funko for releasing a product to satisfy the inner child in me. Definitely check it out!