Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Cobra Kai - Original Score

It's so hard these days keeping up with all the great shows that have been churned out. To top it off, the resurgence of  80's nostalgia has influenced many shows from Stranger Things to Cobra Kai. I absolutely love each show and appreciate how they're not just cashing in on the nostalgia, but actually have well written stories and acting.

Cobra Kai really took me by surprise. I honestly though the show would be a cash grab for people hungry for more 80's pop culture references. But I was wrong. The show is damn good! And having just finished watching season 2, I believe it is getting better and is one of teh best shows to be released the last few years.

I've made it no surprise that I am a huge fan of the products that La La Land Records puts out. So naturally I had to check out the score they released for Cobra Kai. This is such a good score that captures the heart and energy of the show. As a fan of both the show and La La Land Records, this CD is a perfect addition to my collection. Highly recommended.