Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So what's been happening over at America's favorite ER lately? Check out Season 13 on DVD to find out. This month, WHV released Season 13 on DVD. The set comes with 6 discs filled with all the episodes of this hit show. In this season, along with the cast that includes noneother than John Stamos are some special guest stars. Making guest appearances this season are Forest Whitaker, Robert Prosky, Stanley Tucci, Sally Field, and many others. It's known that more than 11 million viewers checked out this 13th season. For those of us who don't have the time to sit in each week to watch the show, this set provides the opportunity to catch up on every episode.

Check it out.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Newsboys - Born Again

When the Boys light up...

They’re back! By “they” I mean the band that still goes by the name “Newsboys”. But to me, they are a totally different act. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of Newsboys’ members Jeff, Duncan, and Jody joining forces with the Lenny Kravitz of Christian music: Michael Tait. Ever since the dc Talk days, Tait has proven that he is one of the premier vocalists in the industry. From dc Talk to his time with his band Tait, he has belted out some memorable tunes. But let’s face it, without Peter Furler, what we’ve known as the Newsboys is long gone. Maybe they should have changed their name to TAITboys? Well whatever you feel like calling them, their new album Born Again hits stores July 13th and I had the chance to listen to an advance copy (thanks Stacie!). To get right to the point, this is a good album. Tait’s powerhouse vocals fit the band’s sound perfectly here, especially on the more aggressive tracks (see Born Again for example). And the band sounds tight also on the slower tracks like On Your Knees. One funny thing I noticed is the track titled Miracles that kept reminding me of a certain song called Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. I never imagined I’d be comparing the NEWSBOYS with Manson! Anyway, to sum it up, this album is not a letdown. I feel this is the band Tait was meant to sing for, especially after his previous projects didn’t fare so well. So do check it out and see what you think about these TAITboys, uhhh… I mean “Newsboys”.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tom Jerry Deluxe Anniversary Collection DVD

It is my pleasure to present ANOTHER fine Tom and Jerry release from the WHV collection of DVD's! This time we have the Tom Jerry Deluxe Anniversary Collection on DVD. I had a lot of fun watching this set that contains 2 discs filled with 30 animated shorts. As usual with this famous cat and mouse duo, chaos ensues as they literally beat the crap out of each other. I know there are people that have a problem with this show and how violent it is. But honestly, do we really need to take this show THAT seriously? Anyway, enough ranting. Everyone has their own opinion. Getting back to the DVD, fans of the show would really dig this set. I really enjoyed it and am glad to have it as part of my collection.

For your viewing pleasure, here's something to check out: