Monday, July 09, 2018

Three O'Clock High [Collector's Edition]

If there's any company that can take an 80's cult classic and give it the proper Blu-ray release it deserves, then it's Shout Factory,

Anyone familiar with this 80's teen classic will remember the name that struck fear in all who walked the halls of the school. I'm talking about Buddy Revell. This guy deserves a spot on the Mount Rushmore of high school movie bullies. He even makes Biff Tannen look like a member of the Mickey Mouse Club in comparison.

But the true star of this film was the likeable underdog known as Jerry Mitchell. At first glance, you'd wonder how he would make it out alive in a fight with Buddy. But by the end of this film, you'll be cheering for Jerry just like we all did for Rocky!

Seriously, this movie is not just one of my favorite 80's movies, but one of my favorite movies period. The performances were great, and you really felt the dread that Jerry felt as the end of the school day approached, The comedy was on point, and didn't sell itself short just for laughs. It was smart, funny, and a truly memorable film!

Shout Factory's Collector's Edition release is one to have for any fan of this classic. It's got special audio commentary by director Phil Joanou, interviews with the screenwriters and costume designers, and other features to make this one a true collectible.

Definitely check this one out!