Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GARY UNMARRIED: The Complete First Season

Former SNL funnyman Joy Mohr is back with a hit sitcom, and this time he’s Gary Unmarried. Out now on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is the entire first season of this hit show. This quirky show takes a look at life after divorce for the main star Gary. Trying to help raise 2 kids after a divorce has got to be tough. But imagine finding out your ex-wife is engaged to your marriage counselor! That’s part of the crazy world that Gary finds himself in. On this DVD set are 20 episodes on three discs, along with some extra special features. Features like Season One bloopers, a tour of Gary Unmarried by the cast and crew, and much more. Overall, it’s another great TV series released on DVD by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

And don’t forget to check out these clips:

The Jay Factor (Bonus)

The Cast (Bonus)

Friday, February 05, 2010

Dallas: The Complete Twelfth Season (DVD)

Dallas fans, rejoice! The shows complete twelfth season is out on a collectible DVD set containing all 26 episodes. All the scandals and deception that helped make this show so popular are here in this set. This is the season where J.R.’S wrongdoings come back and get him. Karma is a real bitch, aint it? Now fans of this classic show can relive this season on this DVD set. Yet, another fine addition to the WHV catalog of DVD’S.

The Boys Are Back (DVD)

On a more dramatic note, there is the film The Boys Are Back. Starring Clive Owen, this movie is about a man who loses his wife, and is forced to raise his two sons alone. An inspiring film, The Boys Are Back has some memorable performances, particularly by Mr. Owen. Out now on DVD, this film is one that is sure to touch the hearts of its viewers. The DVD contains a feature starring the man who inspired the film, Simon Carr. This one feature is very interesting as he and his sons visit the set of the film. Overall, The Boys Are Back is surely one film that will be talked about for years to come.

Surrogates (Blu-ray)

Bruce Willis hasn’t lost his touch. The action movie superstar has aged, but he still knows how to carry a film. In Surrogates, he stars as FBI agent Tom Greer in this film that was based on the famous graphic novel. In a world where people live their lives through human-like machines, things are not as they seem. This almost perfect world where crime is almost nonexistent flips upside down when a college student dies. Agent Greer suddenly gets drawn into something much bigger as the world is threatened. Surrogates is a film that is great for any sci-fi fan. It’s got a compelling story and the special effects are pretty impressive. The Blu-ray disc makes the film much more enjoyable to watch with crystal clear picture and some really good extra features. One feature in particular shows how the film was brought to life from the graphic novel. So if you’re in the mood for a great sci-fi flick, check out this one.