Wednesday, June 20, 2018


An 80's classic that is a sequel to another 80's classic gets a recent soundtrack release!

My exposure to the  film Jewel Of The Nile was seeing it on constant rotation on HBO in the 80's. The film doesn't live up to the charm of Romancing The Stone, but it was still a fun ride to go along another adventure with Jack and Joan.

Back in the day, the biggest thing that came from this movie was the song "When The Going Gets Tough" by Billy Ocean. That song took over the airwaves and had a really cool video (also starring Douglas, Turner, and DeVito). So the actual score kind of took a backseat to this massive radio hit.

La La Land Records recently released the soundtrack to Jewel on CD. I honestly have forgotten the score, since it has been years since I've seen the film. But revisiting this on CD, it was nice to hear the score by Jack Nitzsche all over again. Suddenly I had flashbacks of key scenes in the film while certain tracks played on my radio. Overall, it was great to revisit the movie through the score composed by Mr. Nitzsche.

Definitely recommended for any fan of the film, or of movie scores in general.