Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's official

It's official. I finally passed the test to get my "Sin Boldly" license (not that I needed a "license" before, but, oh well). And it's authorized by none other than that merry ol' monk himself, Martin Luther!

And to celebrate this grand occasion, I'll be having a party at my house where we'll be drinking some "Sin Boldly" beer. All sinners welcome. Come and join the party where we'll gather around, drink some beers, and talk about the Jesus who died and rose from the dead to give 'real sinners' new life. Admission is free.


amicatonic said...

it's bad and heavy enough to carry the automatic guilt and shame without having to party for i'm more confused than ever. you humans are consistently confused and confusing each other. i'm better off watching goblet of fire with jesus next to me ;)

John Three Thirty said...

I wish I could be there.

heh heh, can you imagine seeing a plug for that in a church bulletin or being mentioned by an assoc pastor or pastor's wife as part of the "morning announcements"?

Goes to show how off-key the Body has become about what Following is:

We scoff and snub sinners, and gather with teachers and students of God.

Jesus scoffs teachers of God and gathers with sinners.

It's good to know you are doing what Jesus does.

John Three Thirty said...

if God is okay with us sinning boldly, is He also okay with us dying anonymously and unobtrusively?