Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Blood - Kevin Max

The Blood
Kevin Max

Just before 2007 comes to an end, Kevin Max brings us a new album called The Blood. I know this is something he's wanted to put out for some time. This one is not your typical K-Max album though, because, well it's a Gospel album. But before you roll your eyes and think this is another white boy trying to get down and sing some old spirituals, read this from his press release:

"I later began to understand the power of rock and roll....the depth of the blues and the harmony of R&B.....Led Zeppelin and The Beatles made sense after understanding the basics of gospel music....Elvis Presley understood that power and transformed it into rock and roll right before the world's this day i hear the influence of Gospel music in the swagger of Morrissey's voice, in the intonations of Kanye West and the passion of U2... if i could make anyone understand my reasons for this undertaking i would tell them this; Gospel music has the power to make one understand the need for Christ and His power over death."

If Elvis and Johnny Cash did it, why not K-Max?

The actual release date for this is Dec. 26th. I was able to listen to an advanced copy of the album and it is something worth checking out. It's pretty bold when an artist who leans more toward alternative rock puts out a Gospel album. Anyway, if you have ever heard Kevin's distinct vocals, try and picture him belting out some old, stripped down, gospel tracks. And with all the guest appearances on the album, it's his vocals that dominate each song. I am not familiar at all with gospel music, but am aware of the deep roots it has in our culture. But there was still a lot about it that I was unaware of. Like, I never even knew Prince did a gospel song called The Cross, which Kevin also covers on here. Overall, this is a nice album by an artist who continues to be intriguing and unexpected.

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