Friday, September 05, 2008


Between the business of everyday life and my hectic schedule, I find that I have practically no time to watch TV. Even if I did have the time, I don’t think I would plop my ass on the couch and spend hours watching. However, there are some shows out there that I would probably make time for. Thanks to shows being released on DVD, it’s great to be able to own an entire season and watch at your own convenience. Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles is one show I never got the chance to watch, until its recent release on DVD. This is definitely one show I would make the time for. Having been a big fan of the original Terminator films, I found that this one stayed true to the storyline. The show follows Sarah and her son John, who’s destined to become a savior type figure that helps humans fight off robots threatening the entire race. Together they are on the run for their lives as Sarah tries to protect them from getting wiped out by killer terminators sent from the future. This is a perfect show for anyone that craves explosive action mixed with a brilliant sci-fi theme. The DVD set has three discs that contain all nine adrenaline pumping episodes from the first season. This is definitely one of the best “TV on DVD” sets released all year, making it another addition to WB’s fine catalog of home videos.

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