Friday, September 18, 2009


Every kid has a baseball player they look up to...
Kenny Powers is not that guy

When you have Will Ferrell as an executive producer on a show, you’re guaranteed some pure laughter. Eastbound & Down is an HBO series about a washed-up former Major League pitcher named Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) who returns to his hometown in North Carolina to teach middle school Phys Ed. Powers defines the word “asshole” as he offends almost anyone he comes in contact with. As expected from anything with Ferrell’s name attached to it, the comedy is so over-the-top that some will either love it or hate it. I would fall in the camp that really digs the outlandish humor. Since I have hardly any time to catch the show on HBO, I was glad I was able to see it on the Season One DVD set. It’s a 2-disc set containing all six episodes some special features that happen to include two fake car commercials with Will Ferrell. It’s not for everyone, but I had a blast checking out this DVD set. Overall, it’s freaking hilarious.

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