Friday, February 05, 2010

Surrogates (Blu-ray)

Bruce Willis hasn’t lost his touch. The action movie superstar has aged, but he still knows how to carry a film. In Surrogates, he stars as FBI agent Tom Greer in this film that was based on the famous graphic novel. In a world where people live their lives through human-like machines, things are not as they seem. This almost perfect world where crime is almost nonexistent flips upside down when a college student dies. Agent Greer suddenly gets drawn into something much bigger as the world is threatened. Surrogates is a film that is great for any sci-fi fan. It’s got a compelling story and the special effects are pretty impressive. The Blu-ray disc makes the film much more enjoyable to watch with crystal clear picture and some really good extra features. One feature in particular shows how the film was brought to life from the graphic novel. So if you’re in the mood for a great sci-fi flick, check out this one.

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