Wednesday, March 03, 2010

FLASHFORWARD: Part 1, Season 1


That would have to be the one word I'd use to describe the hit show Flashforward. This conspiracy/thriller centers on a global event when every human blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds and gets to see a glimpse of their life in the near future. Exactly WHAT caused it and WHO is behind this catastrophe is the fuel that keeps the show running. From the story to the acting to the shocking scenes that unfold, this show is pretty mind-blowing. I got the chance to see the first 10 episodes on the show’s recent DVD release. This 2-disc set is an absolute gem with the 10 episodes and extra bonus features. Features such as a teaser to an upcoming episode, and a behind the scenes look at the pilot. From the moment I popped in the first DVD, I was hooked. Now after seeing this set, I am stoked to see what lies ahead for this series!

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