Thursday, June 03, 2010


Hey everybody, it’s VALENTINE’S DAY!

Actually, it’s not.

But it can be when you watch the romantic comedy on Blu-ray!
With an all-star cast leading the way, this film can either improve or ruin your date night. This film by veteran filmmaker Garry Marshall takes a look at love and how it intertwines in the lives of the different characters. It’s not the best Garry Marshall film, but it’s got some pretty funny moments and is a decent comedy. I checked out the Blu-ray and along with the film there are some cool extra features. There’s 14 Deleted Scenes with intros from Garry Marshall, Gag Reel, and a music video for Jewel’s “Stay Here Forever” to name a few.

VALENTINE’S DAY is out now on Blu-ray.

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