Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Every decade or so, you happen to get a glimpse of that one team that flat out dominates the NFL.The last few years, the Seahawks have been that team. For most of their time in the league, this franchise has never sniffed the opportunity to win the Super Bowl. Well not only did they win last year, but it looks like they are favorites again this year. If you had the chance to see them play last year, you'd notice they play an old school, physically dominant brand of football. Putting aside their blowout win against the Broncos, their playoff games that led up to the big game were great. From both their close wins over New Orleans and San Fran, this team gave NFL fans a great viewing experience. Now I am not a Seattle fan, but I do love watching their style of play. This is where I need to mention the DVD released that contains their road to the championship. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: ROAD TO XLVIII is released by NFL Films/Cinedigm, and it contains their playoff wins, as well as the Super Bowl blowout. Any NFL fan would appreciate this collection, and be able to re-watch years down the road and be reminded how the Seahawks took care of business. 

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