Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gray's Papaya (Heaven's hot dog)

I think in heaven, there's gonna be a Gray's Papaya hot dog place. (If you're from New York, you know what I mean..)

I sometimes wonder if it was a Gray's Papaya hot dog that Adam and Eve bit into at the Garden of Eden.

If you've been to New York and haven't eaten one, plan a trip back here just to try one.

My favorite one is in the Village on 6th Ave. Where you can buy your hot dog, and eat it while strolling through Washington Square Park, which is just a block away. And then while munching on your hot dog in the park, you get offered to buy a bag of weed by the rastas! You never know what to expect.

New York, a great place to visit...


amicatonic said...

i hope it's fat free foods in heaven...then again will there be bodily forms there?

as of new york, it's one of those things you gotta love or hate. then there's indifference. but there should only be love for starbuck's mocha frap that's best for sweets after ingesting half a dozen gray's papayas. those days--idling through the park and people watching with your frap, are soon to come, god willing.

bluesbaby said...

We used to go there all the time when my husband went to IAR. That place was so awesome. It's funny to hear that name again. It really takes me back to a different time in my life.