Monday, August 28, 2006

Play that funky music white boys!

Beastie Boys
"Solid Gold Hits"

Here's a CD that pays tribute to a great band. 3 white boys from NYC who entered the old school hip-hop scene, almost to be taken as a joke, but little did anyone know their songs would spread like wildfire. The same band that inspired me as a 3rd grader to start a "rock band", and perform our own version of "Fight For Your Right" on stage. But we're not gonna get into that now! Listening to this CD reminded me of how they stuck together over all this time. And the way they feed off of each other when kickin' rhymes in everything from "Brass Monkey", to "So What'cha Want", to "Sure Shot" is amazing. Here's one group that would fall apart if one member left. If you take one member out, then there's no Beastie Boys. There's no Beasties without Ad Rock's high pitched voice, MCA's raspy voice, or Mike D to bust rhymes with. Each band member is essential to the sound. Anyone who's familiar with them knows they don't take themselves seriously, and they have alot of fun doing their thing. Maybe some musicians could learn something from that. The tracks on Solid Gold Hits showcase how unpredictable they are. Just when you think they're some stupid rap group, they crank up the noise and hit you with a rocking song like "Sabatoge". Just listening to that one song will have the the line "Listen all y'all it's a sabotage!" spinning in your head all day long. From "No Sleep Til' Brooklyn" to "Hey Ladies" to "Intergalactic", this is a great collection of songs from those crazy white boys from NYC. Keep it coming Boys. We need more of your music!

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