Friday, August 04, 2006

The pressure to please everyone

Hello, is this microphone turned on?

I see the auditorium full of people staring at me.
I'm supposed to perform to appease the crowd.

I don't want to.
But they cry out, "Encore!", when the show hasn't even started.

Screw that shit.
Entertain yoursleves.


dorsey said...

Are you picturing the audience in their underwear?

amicatonic said...

maybe they've been entertaining themselves and are in fact sick of their own faces that they look to you. anyway, you have to get past that fear if you still hold your acting aspirations dear. besides, i'm one of them who has extreme expectations that i cried out encore! before your show even started. so, i expect another superb performance on your next stage appearance. put your whole heart into it too. we are all "eyes". be thankful we're even giving you a bit of our time because we have so much to waste.