Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stereotype Be

Kevin Max
"Stereotype Be"

This CD is one of those hidden treasures in the music world, waiting to be dug up and found for the creative genius that it is. After hearing Kevin's latest album The Imposter, and loving every bit of it, I wanted to check out some of his older material as a solo artist. Now that I've heard Stereotype Be, I think that this would be the best album to introduce you to Kevin's music. The title of the track Return of the Singer testifies to what he's bringing as an artist. A real singer. Real lyrics that have depth, pushing you until you either brush off the lyrics as weird or "out there", or if you like music that provokes the mind, you'll find them brilliant as they communicate the spiritual reality in the brokenness of humanity. Sorry everybody, if you're looking for songs that are overloaded with superficial garbage, don't look here. If listened to with an open mind, you'll discover songs with a dark, mystical vibe to them that stir your soul, and (hopefully) move you to look deeper to discover the message he's communicating. Isn't that what great poets do anyway? Communicate life experiences in a way where you have to look deep into their writings to discover the message. Well the great thing about this poet is that he can sing. And on this CD, it's that voice of his that breaks down the stereotypical walls we like to build up as humans. Stand out tracks on the album are Existence, Dead End Moon, The Secret Circle, and Blind. It's difficult to pick a favorite song, as they each are unique. In an era where real creativity gets silenced by commercialized nonsense, Kevin Max is a voice in the wilderness. Check it out.

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Joseph said...

Hi,Daddy. Guess what? I saw your
favorite cd, Kevin max. I'm really
going to miss you. See ya later,
alligator! You are a cool dude!
-your friend, Lightbulb Boy