Friday, September 29, 2006

You Could Have It So Much Better

Franz Ferdinand
"You Could Have It So Much Better"

The British are coming! The British are coming! Actually, Franz Ferdinand isn't a Brit-rock band, they're from Scotland. Even though they're not British, their sound resembles something like a musical British invasion. All I have to say after listening to this is that they can rock with the best of 'em! While listening to this, they came off to me like a reincarnation of the Beatles with a much edgier sound. They have this way of unexpectedly taking a song in a totally different direction than how it started. For example, the song This Boy starts off with an intro that has you thinking you know how the song will play out, and then goes off into another realm. It's the unexpected hooks they throw in the songs that keep you tuned in. You know those CD's that you get and you find yourself skipping each track frustrated to find a good one? Well this is not one of those albums. Standout tracks are The Fallen, Do You Want To, This Boy, Eleanor Put Your Boots On, and You Could Have It So Much Better. Side effects of listening to this album may include jumping around ecstatically and singing (or shouting) out loud frequently.

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