Thursday, October 05, 2006

Between The Fence And The Universe

Kevin Max
"Between The Fence And The Universe"

Between The Fence And The Universe is an an album that was made after Kevin Max's solo debut Stereotype Be. It's an independent release, so it wasn't a big seller in record stores. However, that doesn't mean the quality of the music is bad. In fact it's just the opposite. This wasn't released by a major record label. But by listening to the songs, you'd think it was put out by a major label. Having said that, it shows the quality of work Kevin puts into his songs. One song that stands out is the energetic rock track 21st Century Darlings, where Kevin showcases just how far his vocals can stretch, proving why he's one of the best singers in music. In the chorus of the song, just hearing him belt out the word "Sleep" is worth the listen(you have to hear it to know what I mean). Irish Hymn is a mellow track that has a hopeful theme for those of us who "hit rock bottom", as he sings in the chorus. Stranded 72.5 is a song that adds more variety to the album, showing how diverse Kevin's influences are in music. As unpredictable as his style is, one thing that is predictable is that Kevin always produces awesome music.


johnny boy said...


Where can one find the album?

Society's Elite said...


you can get the album here @ K-Max's site..

click here

thanks for stopping by bro. You still planning on joining Menudo?

btw: you guys need to add "Jitterbug" by Wham to your playlist @ PJ Ryan's. That would definitely get the crowd moving!!! i could here you now belting out "Wake me up before you go go" better than George Michael himself!

Anonymous said...

the label he's on is distributed by Sony. not very indie.