Thursday, October 05, 2006


Kevin Max

It's refreshing when a great song writer ventures into something else that deals with words, like poetry or writing books. Well, not limiting himself to only writing music,
Kevin Max carried his creative mind over into poetry, showing his talent with the spoken and written word. He put a collection of his poetry in a new book titled PO.ET.RY. In this book, he presents a gift to those who crave for an authentic poetic expression. Kevin's never one to create music that lets down his listeners, and in this new book, he doesn't let down with his poetry either. He shares a side of himself other than the eclectic musician. The poems are categorized in 3 different sections: philosophy, romance, and spirituality. There is nothing simple or common about these. Just like his songs, these poems are mysterious, beautiful, dark, and unique, making each page a different experience. There is also some awesome artwork in the pages to match the mood of the poems. What also makes this book special is that it is not put out by a big name publisher, so it is void of extra crap just to make it appeal to the masses. Those who appreciate good poetry and art would be satisfied with this book.

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