Friday, September 07, 2007


Dark Horse Comics

"This is SPARTA!!!"

I remember when I first saw the movie in the theater. That one scene when King Leonidas shouted that line and booted the messenger of Xerxes into the pit gave me chills. For the rest of the film, I was in awe with what turned out to be one of the most intense movie experiences I ever had. It really made an impact on me. Not too long ago, I was strolling through the crackhouse for book lovers everywhere, Barnes and Noble. While there, I happened to see a book on the shelf with a cover that had the number 300, and a Spartan helmet on the front. I immediately opened it and flipped through this harcover, comic book version of the movie. And what an awesome book it is. The illustration is amazing in how it captured the emotion of the film. Someone who never saw the film can read through this and get the entire story, as all the important scenes are in here. I was never much of a comic book fan, but this version of the movie 300 is top notch. So I have 300 on DVD and now in the hardcover book version. All I need is a red robe, some killer abs, new sandals, and my Spartan training will be complete.


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