Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Cinematics

The Cinematics
A Strange Education

I first saw these guys when they opened for Mute Math in NYC this past March. A couple of their songs caught my attention, but I wasn't really blown away. Maybe it was because I kept thinking, "Hurry the hell up and finish your set so I can see the band that I came to see play." But if I wasn't so impatient that night, who knows? Maybe they would've sounded different. After I went to that show, I started seeing their name over the internet, and heard clips of their songs that sounded somewhat familiar to what I heard that night. So I decided to check out the CD and see if I misjudged them. The album is not bad at all. Listening to their songs, I hear sounds influenced by Franz Ferdinand and little of The Cure. My favorite part of the album is the back-to-back songs Break and A Strange Education, Break basically has the singer talking about life sucking, and right after that comes the song A Strange Education which has him crying out for something out of desperation. Check these lyrics from the song:

"I've walked this long road
Trying to get home
To someone familiar
Like this voice on the phone

Oh, have you come for me?
Oh, have you come for me?

Pull me out of the ocean
Take me up in your arms again
Cast away, with the love you send
Such a strange education
Sends me into your arms again
Cast away, lost again"

So we got Franz Ferdinand, and now The Cinematics. Two bands from Scotland making an impact in the music scene. Time will tell if we'll get to see them put on a show together wearing kilts. You never know...

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