Monday, March 17, 2008

Day Zero

One of the great things about movies is that the "what if's" in your head get played out in front of you. Day Zero is a film that plays out a "what if" that I'm sure has crossed many minds.

What if the draft got reinstated?

I've had that "what if" cross my mind many times. I always wondered what effect that would have on our society. And I think it's a valid concern, especially with the war we're in. Starring Elijah Wood, Chris Klein and Jon Bernthal in the main roles, Day Zero focuses mainly on how the draft affected the lives of these guys, rather than how it affected the nation (although it briefly touches upon that). These three chacters are as different as night and day, so naturally they each respond with mixed feelings. There's Elijah Wood's character Aaron, who is a neurotic writer. Obviously, you can imagine how he reacts to all this. Then you have Chris Klein as George, a succesful attorney who intent on not going to war. With his wife and career in NY, he is adamant about staying home. Then there's Jon Bernthal's character Dixon, a tough as nails NYC cab driver who appears to be fearless one out of the bunch. He, unlike the other two, believes in the war he is called to fight for. But getting involved in a relationship as the days count down slightly softens his take on leaving. Each of them is unknowingly thrown into a path of self discovery as the time to go to war approaches. With a sensitive topic like this, I thought this film covered the pros and cons of the war argument in a balanced, and subtle way. Overall, Day Zero is a film that dramatically puts the viewer in the shoes of someone who just found out they've been drafted.

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