Monday, March 31, 2008

Michael Clayton (DVD)

Michael Clayton

You probably assumed since the title of this movie is MICHAEL CLAYTON, that it's all about him. Well it is. But the limelight is also shared by two outstanding roles played by Tom Wilkinson and Tilda Swinton. Along with the main character played by George Clooney, Wilkinson plays Arthur Edens, a guy that had a mental breakdown and rambles a little bit more than Dustin Hoffman did in Rain Man. I'm usually not the type who goes crazy over an actor's role in a film, but Wilkinson's portrayal of the mentally unstable Arthur really grabbed my attention. Tilda Swinton's role as the twisted character Karen Crowder deserved the Oscar she won this year. And Clooney? Well, let's just say he's come a long way from ER. This acting trio, combined with a plot that has more twists and turns than a roller coaster ride made Michael Clayton one of the best films of the year. Now out on DVD, this intense thriller is a film you might have to watch a few times to really "get it". You need to have sharp attention to catch the details that lead up to the surprise ending. And if you watch it again to fill in any missing clues, you get treated to another round of some of the best acting done in a long time.

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