Thursday, May 13, 2010


What perfect timing to release the complete 1994 animated series of Iron Man on DVD. With Iron Man 2 in theaters, it's a great time to revisit this great animated show! This 3-disc collector's set contains all the episodes from this series. Here we get to see Iron Man do battle along with Nick Fury, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Spider Woman and Hawkeye. Overall, it's a cool set to own for any fan of all things Iron Man!

Next on DVD is X-MEN: Volume 5. This set is a 2-disc collection of Episodes 63 to 76 from the animated series. Being that this is the final installment in the series, it's a must see for any X-Men fan. Some things in store on this set include the X-Men seeking help from Magneto, and the final episode “Graduation Day"! Don't miss out on this final volume in the X-Men collection.

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