Thursday, August 26, 2010

Newsboys - Live @ Ocean Grove, NJ 8/21/2010

If you're like me and have your reservations about the new direction the Newsboys are heading, then seeing them live should squash any doubts you may have. Recently they passed through NJ, and my son and I went to see them play at the Great Auditorium in historic Ocean Grove. Overall, it was an electrifying performance that had me reeling for a couple days afterwards. They played most songs from their new album along with oldies like Shine, He Reigns, and Breakfast. The audience was captivated by a phenomenal show, and I can't wait to see them pass through this area again. To give you a taste of the performance, here's a video I took of the song Miracles from that night's show. Also, stay tuned for a video I took of the song Born Again, and an exclusive interview I did with drummer Duncan Phillips. Enjoy!

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