Monday, August 16, 2010

Stellar Kart - Everything is Different Now

If frenzied pop-punk is your thing, then you’d probably dig the latest album put out by Stellar Kart.

Lately, the term “worship” has developed into a style or genre, instead of an act of reverence. So I do have my reservations when I hear an album (or anything for that matter) described as “worship”. I honestly wish that the term would be done away with. But for the time being, I’ll use it here since that’s the word used for the theme of this album.

Stellar Kart, if you haven’t already noticed from my intro, is a Christian band. As a believer myself, when I listen to the songs on this CD, I understand the connection they sing about. As for the style, I really haven’t been into the pop-punk sound since the Blink-182 days, with the exception of Relient K (which lately has evolved to a much more mature sound). However, after saying all that, I like these guys. It’s a fun album with a lot of heart behind it. I played it a few times driving home in traffic to give me that extra jolt of energy I needed. The standout track for me would have to be their cover of "Spirit In the Sky". It’s definitely unlike any other version of the song you ever heard. Overall, it’s an album that gives you the pleasure of indulging in some frenetic sounds while contemplating on life and God.

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