Tuesday, March 15, 2011

He-Man & the Masters of the Universe - The Complete First Season

I thought they were done with releasing He-Man. Apparently, they're not. Mill Creek Entertainment has released the ENTIRE first season all in one collection. That's right. Rather than release different volumes of one season, they decided to pack ALL episodes from this legendary cartoon into one box set. So that means A LOT of enjoyment for all you He-Man fans.


Great video and sound quality. Around 22 hours of MOTU fun for anyone looking to reminisce about this great cartoon. PLUS, there is a wonderful documentary on a bonus disc that includes interviews with the creators of the show. Most questions related to the creation of the show are answered in this in-depth documentary. Not to be missed.


The packaging! Arrggh! They did a great job with the artwork on the outside cover, but once you open it you'll be surprised to see each disc not in a foldable booklet of some kind, but individual envelopes. You'd think for a collectible set like this, that they could have spent more time creating some cool packaging along with the great discs. But it seems like where they excelled in one, they lacked in the other. On the bright side, it's not like you're just going to be staring at the box! But still, it would've been nice to have some kind of collectible box to go with the discs.

Overall it's a cool set that any He-Man fan can appreciate.

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