Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moonstruck on Blu-ray

“Snap out of it!”

If you’ve ever seen the movie Moonstruck then you know what that line above means. Moonstruck is the one movie where people that don’t like Cher and Nic Cage can actually enjoy. Cher has always annoyed me ever since I was a kid. Nic Cage has to be in the right role, otherwise his performance usually has me feeling awkward. Well Moonstruck is the one movie where you forget that you’re watching Nic and Cher. This classic romantic comedy is filled with great one-liners and is a smart and witty take on love. In case you haven’t heard, the film has released on Blu-ray. Considering this is from the 80’s, you can definitely see the difference in watching the Blu-ray version. Much clearer picture on the widescreen and HD audio makes it a good movie-watching experience. Of course features have been thrown in for an extra bonus. Some included are audio commentaries and a feature titled “Moonstruck: At the Heart of an Italian Family”. In short, a good title to own for any fan of the film.

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