Monday, May 01, 2006

Recycled thoughts

Ever wonder if all of our "breakthrough ideas" or thoughts are really just thoughts that have been recycled throughout the course of human history? For example, could the thoughts that I post here be the same exact thoughts that some dude in England got 500 years ago, and the same that some dude in Greece got 500 years before that. It's only that after that person had those ideas, they were either buried and forgotten for a long time, only to be thought of by some other person in the future. The only difference is that one never shared his or her idea, and the other did? (Whoa, I'm starting to sound like I'm writing a script for Quantum Leap.)

Do we really think that our ideas are so revolutionary? So life changing, that all of a sudden we write a book on "10 steps how to (fill in the blank)". Like, "Wow, I just realized the key to having a successful life! I'm gonna write 10 steps on how to do it." (Whoa, now I'm starting to sound like Joel Osteen. If I put 40 steps, I would start to feel like Rick Warren.)

There are great minds out there. Some great writers put stuff out there that really challenge my thinking in an awesome way, but in reality, there's "nothing new under the sun".

Except for the Gospel. The Gospel really is the most mind blowing, radical story in the course of human history. A story that says there's a God, He came in human form, died on a cross in public shame, raises Himself from the dead, and offers forgiveness and eternal life for free. A Gospel that invites everyone from the Pope to the hookers on Times Square to experience Love. Unconditonal Love thrugh Jesus. That's one thing that doesn't change.

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