Friday, May 12, 2006

That's too salty!

Hi! Let me introduce you to my big mouth. Let's call him "Fattie". "Fattie" has a problem of saying too many things that are unnecessary. An example is someone sharing with me a problem they're going through, and "Fattie" starts giving a "diagnosis" why they are having a problem, and then "Fattie" gives a prescription to "fix" the problem. The problem is that "Fattie" could have just offered silence, instead of spewing out lame-ass advice when it's not even asked for. Jesus said something about us being the salt of the earth. A beautiful analogy, don't you think? To think that we would give flavor to a world that needs hope. But instead I sometimes come off more like salt on a wound. Forgive me if I ever did that to you. If you needed someone to lend an ear, but instead got a mouthful of "advice" shoved down your throat.


amicatonic said...

that explains my 20 lb. weight gain from edema--it's water dear, not fat-cradling flabs. thank you for admiting a flaw before it advances to something more tragic. hence, i expect you to communicate entirely and only with your ears and never with you're mouth when we're talking, or when i'm talking rather. and i'll pray for you and thank god that i'm not like you, because i'm considerate of the other person's feelings. oh, life is so great when you're walking with jesus. if you need help in finding the will of god in your life i can surely assist you in that area. i'll even throw in some prayer tips so that you would eventually hear god's voice. i,m burdened with an overwhelming concern for you my husband, so i will continously pray for you to assure that our family will be blessed abundantly and our child will grow up to be a warrior for christ. i love you. --piggy.

Society's Elite said...

I feel great. Thanks for your sarcastic "Christianese" talk to encourage your husband. Love ya too.

Anonymous said...

your buddy,

John Three Thirty said...

your post was solid, and amicatonic's response made my sides ache with laughter. Thank you both!

So much has been swirling within about how much Christianese is spoken that misses the mark. I've been the bug (and well-meaning Followers the windshield) for many months now.

You got it right on, man. The saltiness of our words has been diluted, and we're largely blind to this and/or we don't care. We sense we're "called" to fix people and be an encouragment in ANY circumstance our ears catch wind of.

Survey says.....ehhhh!

Here's the deal. Unlearning what has become ingrained (sp?) is tough for a couple of reasons.

One, people generally don't like change. So this unfruitful "Way" they've/we've learned and taught is what we're going to be dethroning.

Also, revealing that this ingrained approach is not "it" might meet with the "how dare you tread on the indisputable authority of God's Word" line.

Finally, also tied to this, it will help us to remember "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is not king. He's a raving lunatic."

Get ready to get thrown in the wacko house with me. Funny, I find myself smiling as I think about who my straight-jacketed cell mates might be.

Rock on.

Mooki said...

Yeah, man! I got a stupid 'fattie' too! You're sooo witty and cool!



dorsey said...

Hmmm...don't forget that salt in a wound hurts, but still speeds the healing of the wound.

Tough love. LOL

John Three Thirty said...

Dude, I am going back through the archive of your blog, just getting started, and dude this rocks the freakin' house.

Rock, bro.

(your post from Feb, "That's too salty!")