Monday, April 23, 2007

Flesh And Bones - Electric Fun

Flesh And Bones - Electric Fun

Anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing MuteMath in concert, they now have a new DVD called Flesh And Bones - Electric Fun that captures the same energy they bring to their live shows. Only now you have the comfort of watching their concert in your pajamas or underwear, whichever you prefer. The live songs performed on the DVD is the same set they usually play at their shows. Take it from a guy who’s seen them in concert twice, the show on the DVD is just as good as the ones I’ve seen. The extras on the DVD contain outtakes of them on the road, with some pretty funny videos taken by the drummer Darren King. Also, there's an acoustic performance of “Reset” that they did at Fingerprints Records. I just wish they included more band interviews in the extras. But hey, to have a MuteMath concert on DVD is good enough.


Anna said...

I Love Mute Math.

Recovering said...

I've been a big fan of Mute Math - and Earthsuit before that...

I'll have to pick up the DVD. Thanks for the heads-up.