Friday, June 29, 2007

Hanging with Mobile in NYC

Before last week, I never heard of the band Mobile. Then I got an invite to attend a listening party in NYC for their new album Tomorrow Starts Today that's being released this August. Before going, I checked out the songs on their site and liked the combination of alt-rock/synth noise by these guys from Montreal. So the other night I headed over to the lower east side and met with the band. You never know what to expect at events like this, but I have to say these guys were really down to earth and welcoming. With the sounds of their upcoming album filling the room of the party, we shared drinks, laughter, and insightful conversations. If you get a chance, visit the band's site by clicking here. Song clips, tour dates, etc are all there on the site, so check them out if they hit a city near you.

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