Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Heretics Guide To Eternity

Heretics Guide To Eternity
Spencer Burke

I have to admit, I hate religion. As much as I have issues with religion, God is important to me. And when I talk about God, I talk about Him not in the way that religion has made Him out to be. For some people, religion brings up images of oppression and bigotry, while others find it as a comfort zone where they can feel secure. Religion to me is useless. To quote my friends at
Revolution NYC, “Religion kills.” I’ve seen ways that it has intimidated people in the name of God. It makes me sick. The very things that you would think that God is for, like unconditional love and forgiveness for all people the way Jesus showed, religion twists to make it an exclusive benefit for “member’s only”. So it’s understandable how people get uncomfortable when the topic of God comes up, being that for so long God has been associated with religion. Rather than continuing this as one of my rants on religion, I want to mention a great book that I just read. It’s called “Heretics Guide To Eternity” by Spencer Burke. In it, he shares a lot of the views I just listed above, but going further by confronting the sacred cows in religion by using personal experience and the examples of Jesus. After all, Jesus was the original heretic. And not only does he challenge the status quo, but he says we need more heretics! We no longer live in a time where heretics are burned at the stake. But there still are people in religious circles that will condemn others that they think don’t fit their traditional mold. And it's those kinds of people that this book would drive ballistic. But for people that have issues with religion and still seek the mystery of God, you’ll find this book helpful. It’s a challenging read no matter what background you may come from, but well worth it. So, are all the heretics ready to come out and play? ;)

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Anna said...

I have to on the mission field, I feel much like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I dont exactly fit the missionary wife "type"....I have been encouraging myself and others to embrace the uniqueness that God has given each one of us. I truly believe that when we don'f fit the mold of "Christian", that Jesus becomes more real and acessible to everyone. I just want to be real...I can be a believer, be who God made me and be molded by Him in ways he can use me to His glory....

OK, blah, blah, blah...does any of this make sense?

The answer for me is YES, I am a heretic that wants to come out to play!