Monday, August 27, 2007

Blinking With Fists

Billy Corgan
Blinking With Fists

On my last review of a great poetry book, I wrote about Leonard Cohen's Book Of Longing. I want to follow that up with another great book of poems by Billy Corgan. You must have known I would eventually cover this one, didn't you? After
expressing my true appreciation for his work in music, I had to dig into this one. In Blinking With Fists, another side of Billy is shown apart from his music, although you still can see how some of the poetry connects to his songwriting. He has a way of playing with words so freely, that even in the most abstract of his poems, you somehow find a way to connect what he's saying. So if you are a lover of his music or just really into good poetry, then this book might speak to you on different levels.

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