Friday, February 01, 2008

Carnival Vol. II : Memoirs Of An Immigrant

Carnival Vol. II : Memoirs Of An Immigrant
Wyclef Jean

Today is real gloomy here in NJ. As I look out my window, all I see is dark gray skies and rain pouring down. But it's all good, because I'm having a party. Well, not a real party. I'm playing Wyclef Jean's latest album Carnival Vol. II : Memoirs Of An Immigrant, which sure as hell feels like I'm having one. If you remember Wyclef from the days with the Fugees, you'll remember the eclectic style he brought to their form of music. After their break-up, he branched out as a solo artist and showed his diverse influences. Doing everything from singing reggae style to playing his own instruments, he proved he was much more than your ordinary rapper. That talent was displayed on hits like Gone 'Til November, which still remains a classic to this day.

Now we are presented with Carnival Vol. II : Memoirs Of An Immigrant. Wyclef, never afraid to do collaborations with other artists, even those outside the realm of hip-hop, does so proudly here. A perfect example is on the slamming track Riot, where he brings in guest Serj Tankian (System Of A Down). Along with that, there's more cameos by artists like Mary J Blije, Paul Simon, Norah Jones, and In typical Wyclef fashion, the songs range from mellow and thought provoking to loud and energetic.

Like I said, this album is a party, courtesy of Wyclef Jean.

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Anonymous said...

Carnival I was one of my favorite albums eva... Guantanamera...G tIL nOVEMBER...ETC. How's the sequel? I miss Funkdoobiest though. R U gonna review the flick coming out soon "Stop Loss?"