Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blue Man Group How To Be A Megastar Live! CD/DVD

Rather than pay $70 for a ticket to see Blue Man Group, you now have the convenience of watching their How To Be A Megastar Live show on DVD. Included with the DVD is an audio CD, so you can also play it in your car, or wherever you like to indulge in some good music. It's hard to find an act out there that can compete with the energetic, musical circus of a show that Blue Man Group puts on. I popped this DVD on this past Friday night, half-asleep at about 2AM. I quickly woke up after seeing what developed right under my eyes. Three blue faced guys, creating sounds by banging on white tubes and whatever else was around them. Backed up by a full band and a huge display of colors and lights, this show will have you feeling like you're in another dimension. How To Be A Megastar Live! is out as of today, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a creative, inspiring, and electric live performance.

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