Friday, August 08, 2008


What happens when you take the genius behind 300 and Sin City and get him to retell how The Dark Knight teamed up with the Boy Wonder? You get one hell of a story. Frank Miller contributes his talent in ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER VOL. 1, showing a much darker side to the Dynamic Duo than ever before. In this edition, Miller takes you through the underbelly of Gotham City as you watch Batman take young Dick Grayson under his wing after his parents were murdered. After reading this, your perception of Batman and Robin will change, that’s for sure. As if the Dark Knight couldn’t get any darker, Miller creates a story that digs deeper into Batman’s dark soul, and now he seems to have found his sidekick. As we see how Robin became an orphan just like Bruce Wayne, it shows that these two share the same dark roots that drives them to fight crime. As good as Miller’s storytelling is, it really got brought to life by some amazing illustration by Jim Lee. It was so good that at certain points, I forgot I was reading a story. As much as I like Batman, I always saw the character Robin as a waste of time. Frank Miller and Jim Lee quickly changed that perception of mine, especially after Robin gave Green Lantern a real ass whoopin’. I can’t wait for the sequel to this episode. Until then, I’ll read it a few more times to really soak up the story.

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