Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heroes: Season 2 (DVD)

Is there anything bad you can say about this show? I mean, when I watch it, it feel like its damn near perfect. The story is just as good as any blockbuster superhero film and the acting is top notch. On top of that, the show has a massive following, so there’s no surprise why this show is such a phenomenon. With Season 3 approaching, this would be the perfect time to check out Season 2. The entire season has just been released on DVD and it is a collection that is a must have for any fan of the show. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching it yet? Watch one episode and you’ll be hooked. The Season 2 collection comes with an impressive 4-disc set including every episode, along with tons of extras like audio commentaries with the cast and crew, untold stories that didn’t make it on the air and an alternate ending to the season finale. And like I said, it’s a damn near perfect show to have on DVD that takes your breath away with each episode.

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