Tuesday, November 18, 2008

30 Rock - Season 2 (DVD)

The cool thing about limiting the time you watch TV is that you don’t have to worry about spending too much time on a show. TV shows released on DVD however, feed that addiction. Speaking of addictive shows, I have been spending too much time watching 30 Rock Season 2 on DVD. I love it! It’s smart. The comedy is subtle. And I never knew Alec Baldwin could be so damn funny! Seriously, since Seinfeld went off the air, it’s been hard to find a show that can fill its shoes. Well, 30 Rock comes close to doing the job. The entire second season is out on DVD in a 2-disc set. All the hilarious episodes starring Tina Fey, Baldwin, Tracey Morgan, and Jane Krakowski are here. This season also has guest appearances by people like Jerry Seinfeld, David Schwimmer, and James Carville. If you own it, it’s easy to blow a few hours watching one episode after another. In fact, with this set you may need to detox after getting your 30 Rock “fix”.

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Anonymous said...

I think that Fey is overrated though. She has about as much juice as Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Palin. Her counterpart in SNL, Amy Kohler, is it?, could have carried the show with far more hilarity, especially with her wide range of facial expressions. Fey has about 2-the simper with the mouth twitching to one side and the awkward, dumbfounded or i-don't-care combined look. She should have stuck herself to writing and let Kohler carry out the sketches. She (Fey) is only tolerable as the dry, wry SNL newscaster. Even Nichole Kidman was funnier in the Moulin Rouge bedroom scene as she tried hiding Ewan McGregor from the Duke. You should see that. It was funny because you wouldn't expect to see Kidman in a funny scene like that, but she pulled it off. The acting was convincing, though unexpected. Fey is consistently and expectedly dry, and if this is the image she's trying to maintain, she should re-think it because it's gotten tiresome. But she's still got the dough...right. Well, 30 Rock is alright, for as long as the other cast members/guests keep it aloft.