Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nightmare Revisited

Even though Halloween is over, you can still enjoy some spooky tunes courtesy of Nightmare Revisited. This album is one that has gotten heavy rotation on my playlist, before and after Halloween. Nightmare Revisited is a collection of songs obviously from the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Top artists in the music industry performed their own covers of the film’s tunes. The artists on the album include Marilyn Manson, All-American Rejects, Flyleaf, Yoshida Brothers, Amy Lee from Evanescence, and Shiny Toy Guns. The songs on here were done with creative integrity, so all you fans of the movie don’t have to worry about the songs getting sabotaged. Even though all the tracks are great, if I had to choose 3 that really stood out, they would have to be Marilyn Manson’s haunting version of “This is Halloween”, Flyleaf’s “What’s This”, and All-American Rejects “Jack’s Lament”. If you’re in the mood for a taste of the bizarre, this album will definitely satisfy.

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