Monday, January 05, 2009


Look closely. The guy you see on the cover has no belly button.

Kyle XY The Complete Second Season - Revelations is out now on DVD. In case you're not familiar with this hit show, Kyle is a mysterious teen with seemingly superhuman powers. The difference between Kyle and most other heroes is that he was scientifically created. In Season 2, Kyle tries to piece together his mysterious past while he balances life as an average teenager and as a superhuman at the same time. There have been plenty of recent shows with the "super character" theme. While it would be too easy to label Kyle XY as just another one of those shows, it's far from being a copycat. Even though the show's main character is a teen, Kyle XY takes itself more seriously than any other series that focuses more on the main hero being a hipster. Overall, each episode of the series is as intriguing as the mysterious Kyle. If you missed Season 2 at all, the DVD set has every minute of it (Approximately 994 minutes!) The 6 discs contain each episode along with the following bonus features. Check it out...

· Alternate Ending
· Livin’ with the X’s
· Facing the Future
· The Science of Kyle XY
· Deleted Scenes
· Audio Commentaries – Featuring the Cast, Writers and Producers

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