Monday, July 20, 2009

Reno 911! The Complete Sixth Season- Uncensored (DVD)

The funniest and most idiotic cops you’ll ever see are here in the DVD collection of Reno 911! The Complete Sixth Season. Nothing is off limits here as the bumbling cops take their incompetence to a new level in this uncensored 2 disc set. There are 15 episodes here of this show, which is one of the raunchiest comedies on TV. In the sixth season of Reno 911! you are introduced to a wide range of characters such as Aryan wine-makers, roller-skating prostitutes, and the idiot cops themselves. It’s a nonstop ride of some really obscure and hilarious situations in this sixth season. In short, this set is a riot to watch. Of course there are extra features worth mentioning that are included. They are:

Reno Department Presents: Office Policies and Workplace Etiquette
Module 1: "Proper Workplace Hygiene: Germs and You!"
Module 2: “Sexual Harassment: ‘It's Your Right to Say No’”
Module 3: “Sexual Harassment – Part 2: Is This Sexual Harassment?”
Module 4: “Nailing the Interview”
Module 5: “Stress in the Workplace”
Module 6: “Diversity Training: A Personal Experience”
Module 7: “Reno’s Green Initiative Update”
Module 8: “Appropriate Topics for Workplace Discussion”
Reno Officers at Mardi Gras

Overall, this DVD set’s got the goods…

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