Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Relient K - Forget And Not Slow Down

Like wine, Relient K's music gets better with age...

I love it when I'm caught by surprise. After hearing "Five Score", I was convinced that Relient K isn't a band that's destined to be a forgotten act. In fact, with each new release, they get better and better. This time, they put out what may be their best yet: Forget And Not Slow Down. What has been a rough past year or so in singer Matt Thiessen’s love life (apparently he had a bad breakup) has turned into a rebirth in creative freedom for his music. The jist of this album can be found in the album’s title “Forget And Not Slow Down”. Basically the theme is to forget about the negative things that weigh us down and move forward with life. The album is laced with honest lyrics about going through those rough times in life. You could say it’s therapeutic. Ironically there is a track titled “Therapy” to support this idea. Overall, this album contains the trademark catchy hooks that Relient K has become famous for and some thought provoking lyrics making it one of the year’s best releases.

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