Friday, December 04, 2009

The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing

Here's a review of The Ting Tings by my associate, Amica Paige...

The Ting-tings.

Have you heard their ting? That you haven’t heard their tunes is very unlikely since their debut album was released sometime last summer, topping the U.K. chart and sending the tireless Madonna to rest then. Here are my two cents on yet another grand act to emerge from Big Ben’s soil: upbeat and offbeat. Fresh is hard to come by these days even in a highly advanced society, and the irony is we’ve been there, done that, seen and heard it all, and recycled, revised, and repackaged so heavily as we’ve figured out the formulas, that there seems to be very little left to be discovered as original, especially in music. Hence, it’s always refreshing to see those who manage to reinvent and rise above the crowd every now and then, regardless of how long they stay up. And when one creates a distinct sound, it’s got a certain ring, or ting, that will cause you to listen again and again. And this dynamic duo’s certainly got it. They most certainly have that “ting” factor. The funky fusion of Jules De Martino’s dominant drumbeats and Katie White’s sometimes brazen, sometimes fragile, and frequently distressed or defiant vocals merged with their various other musical elements and influences, one of which echoes a pared-down, 80’s new-wave among others, power the invisible machine behind their playful sound. Their music is a little fresher and groovier than most of its contemporaries that currently saturate our airwaves. Even as the duo chant “We Started Nothing” incessantly in their finale, the 8-tract album can serve as an instant tonic to get you started in those days needing a bit of jolt, with Great DJ, That’s Not My Name, Fruit Machine, Shut Up…, Keep Your Head, We Walk, Impacilla Carpisung, along with the title tract, or just keep you coolly on your feet, with the Traffic Light and Be The One, even if only for a little more than half an hour, unless you have it on repeat.

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