Friday, October 19, 2007

Eisley w/ Mute Math @ The Filmore, Irving Plaza NYC (10-18-07)

Last night marked the third time I saw Mute Math live in NYC, and the first time for Eisley. If you weren't aware, Eisley has been opening up for Mute Math on their current tour. Although Eisley is an opening act this time, they could easily have headlined their own tour.

First off, the girls' harmony in the songs is hypnotizing. If you heard their album, you know what I mean. But hearing them live, their voices get magnified and you just get taken away by each song. Take Many Funerals for example. A great song. There's something about the part in the song when they sing "Rain, rain dowwnnnnn..." that gives you a high. And I only had one beer last night, so I knew it must have been the music that had me buzzed. (I'm wondering, since their music provides a natural high, a more fitting tag for their show could be "Get High With Eisley!" I should get that copyrighted.) Anyway, as I was saying about the show. It was amazing.

Throughout their set they played some other tracks from their latest album Combinations, as well as some older songs that I wasn't familiar with. But after hearing them I will now make it a point to check them out. Then came their closing song Invasion. They couldn't have picked a better song to close with.

After their set, Mute Math came on. Put it this way, my ears are still ringing fifteen hours after the show ended. Loud, chaotic, energetic. Everything you'd expect from one of the best bands out there.


Danny said...

bad news, i walked out on mute math, venue made them sound terrible so they have always left a bitter taste in my mouth. I might try to hit them up when they come down, we'll see

Society's Elite said...

"bad news, i walked out on mute math"

dude, you've just committed blasphemy...

Danny said...

yeah i know, i have their cd and totally dig it but the show was jsut soooo bad, ill give them another chance :)