Friday, October 19, 2007

World Peace: Courtesy of Air Supply

I have a solution for World Peace. It occured to me while driving to work. I was thinking of all the different ways people work towards world peace. We have summits and peace treaties out the ass. I'm sorry, but those sound BORING. I imagine that about 20 minutes into those summits, 95% of the audience's attention is lost on something more interesting, like text messaging. So what, exactly, is involved in this peace plan?

2 words: Air Supply.

You know that mushy feeling you get when an Air Supply song comes on? Well imagine a world, where instead of spending billions of dollars on defense to support a war, why not use the money to give your enemies Ipods filled with Air Supply songs? Imagine the results. Why waste time trying to bargain with the president of Iran when you can just provide him an Ipod full of Air Supply songs! He'll be putty in your hands. So instead of bombing our enemies, let's save the earth, with the help of Air Supply.

And remember, you heard it here first...


Anonymous said...

I'm all out of bombs
I can't kill without you

Society's Elite said...


see that jeff, you already caught on!