Thursday, July 03, 2008

Batman: The Killing Joke

In The Killing Joke, Batman’s most famous villain commits a crime unlike anything he’s done before. Picture this: The Joker rings the bell at Commissioner Gordon’s home and shoots his daughter, paralyzing her. He then kidnaps the Commissioner, takes him to an abandoned theme park, strips him naked and forces him to ride a roller coaster while being shown some disturbing images of his injured daughter. Yes, this episode called The Killing Joke is unlike any “joke” that Batman has had to face. In fact, from hearing all the buzz on the upcoming Dark Knight film and how twisted the Joker is in it, this book is a great intro to how psychotic Batman’s nemesis really is. This is not just a silly old clown who does bad things. We’re talking about a first-class lunatic, and he’s trying to push Commissioner Gordon to insanity as well. The Joker is really the main character here, since most of the story is centered on him and what drove him to become the criminal he is now. It also shows that even though both The Joker and Batman have had traumatic events happen in life, it’s the choices they make that separates them. This year, DC Comics put out a deluxe hardcover version of this dark story which Tim Burton claims is “the first comic he ever loved”.

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